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 Our mission in this resource classroom is to provide Kindergarten-4th grade Germantown students with the tools they need in order to continue growing into successful lifelong learners. 


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Hi, I'm Angie Garren, and I am excited to begin my second year as a Germantown Bulldog teacher! Some of you may have known me as "Mrs. Angie" during the time I was a teacher aide in Pre-K. In 2017, I decided to return to school to earn teaching certification in elementary education and special education.  Having already earned a bachelor's degree in psychology from Murray State University, I was able to pursue teaching credentials through the University of Missouri-St. Louis' Teach in 12 graduate school program. I'm proud to be able to claim that I'm a Racer (Murray State) and a Triton (UMSL), as well as a Bulldog.

This is such an exciting time to be a teacher! Educational research is a continually driving movement toward better and better ways to teach children, and so many of the teaching strategies I learned in the past two years "just make sense" when I think about it...and I think about it a lot. I love learning, and I want to do all that I can to make sure your child loves it, too! Anytime you have questions (or just want to know more) about teaching strategies, I will be happy to share answers, links, and experiences. Some of the educational concepts that drive my passion for learning and teaching include: metacognition (thinking about how we think), constructivist learning theory (the idea that building your own knowledge through learning experiences leads to more thorough understanding than if someone just tells us what we should know), and setting high expectations for everyone (and helping each child build the skills to meet those expectations). 

Teaching makes me happy! What else makes me happy? My family makes me happy! My husband Rick and I have two teenagers, James and Katie, as well as 4 cats who allow us to live in their home :) My parents, brother, and sister live in Kentucky, where I was raised, and one of my favorite things to do is visit them. There's nothing better than sitting with your parents and brother and sister under the big maple tree beside the house and talking about this, that, and everything on a breezy afternoon. 

Who is Mrs. Garren?



Germantown Elementary School Calendar 2020-2021 This calendar is subject to change.

13-Aug Open House 6:00 p.m.

31-Aug First Attendance Day

4-Sep School Picture Day

7-Sep Labor Day - No School

25-Sep Mid-term First Quarter (Day 19)

9-Oct School Improvement Planning Activities - 11:40 Dismissal

12-Oct Columbus Day - No School

23-Oct Teacher Institute Day - No Student Attendance

30-Oct End of First Quarter (Day 43)

3-Nov General Election Day - No School

4-Nov Report Card Day

9-Nov Parent/Teacher Conferences in Evening

10-Nov Parent/Teacher Conferences in Evening

11-Nov Veteran's Day - No School

November 25-27 Thanksgiving Vacation-No Student Attendance

3-Dec PreK-4 Christmas Program - 2:00 & 7:00

4-Dec Mid-term Second Quarter (Day 20)

8-Dec Band/Chorus Christmas Concert - 7:00

22-Dec Early Dismissal (1:40) for Winter Break

22-Dec Winter Break

4-Jan School Resumes

15-Jan End of Second Quarter (Day 42)

15-Jan School Improvement Planning Activities - 11:40 Dismissal

18-Jan Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday - No School

20-Jan Report Card Day

12-Feb Teacher Institute Day - No Student Attendance

15-Feb President's Day - No School

19-Feb Mid Term Third Quarter (Day 22)

26-Feb School Improvement Planning Activities - 11:40 Dismissal

19-Mar End of Third Quarter (Day 41)

24-Mar Report Card Day

26-Mar School Improvement Planning Activities - 11:40 Dismissal

31-Mar Early Dismissal (1:40) for Spring Break

April 1-5 Spring Break-No School

30-Apr Mid-term Fourth Quarter (Day 27)

30-Apr School Improvement Planning Activities - 11:40 Dismissal

5-May Spring Concert - 7:00

31-May Memorial Day Holiday - No School

1-Jun End of Fourth Quarter (If no emergency days) (Day 48)

1-Jun Report Card Day (if no emergency days)

1-Jun Last Day of Student Attendance - Dismissal at 1:40 (if no emergency days used)

10-Jun Last Day (if all emergency days used) Germantown Elementary School Calendar 2020-2021 This calendar is subject to change.

Contact Mrs. Garren

Email:  agarren@GES60.org

School phone:  (618) 523-4253